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About the Artist

McKay's liquids at O’Kieff Center, Toronto, Canada

Like a fireworks display, a lightshow has to be seen live. There is no way to truly capture it on film or video. Either you're present, or you miss the overwhelming intensity of its size and the extraordinary purity of its color. Now with the new technologies such as CD-ROM and digital video, I can come closer to the real thing.

Light is the media. I focus it on a rear-projection screen as the canvas. I perform this live and transfer it to CD-ROM or video tape.

Art should be a place to rest from the daily world, and let us resonate with our inner beauty.

I’m providing a new door to the conciousness of sound and color to be so in touch with the emotion and the rhythm of the experience losing any sense of separation between the color, moving images and the sound.

architect of emotions

I was born in Kansas City in 1936 to a minister's household, attended Kansas City Junior College and the Kansas City Art Institute, and then went to live and paint San Miguel de Allende, Mexico in the early 60's. I went to San Francisco where after experimenting extensively with psychoactive drugs, I went to the Acid Test at the Fillmore Auditorium and saw my first light show, and for the past 35 years have used this media of projected light as my means of expression.